Welcome to Sublab! We’re Submarine Channel’s development lab for digital and transmedia storytelling. Our mission is to explore new and innovative ways of storytelling by stimulating the collaboration between artists and media professionals from various creative disciplines.



As a Dutch institution, we have grown into a leading global player over the past twenty years. Submarine Channel is often compared to other prolific interactive storytelling and transmedia producers including: German/French Arte, the National Film Board of Canada, German broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk and American POV. Our solid position in this international field also gives us the opportunity to work with the best creators, set up international co-productions, and reach an international audience with national and international partners.

Many of our productions are culturally impactful and of high artistic quality. 

Some examples are the Emmy-award-winning production Last Hijack, an interactive documentary about piracy off the coast of Somalia, the multi-award-winning interactive production Refugee Republic about a refugee camp in northern Iraq, and the Emmy-nominated production Collapsus about the energy transition.

In 2021 we stopped producing and started to focus solely on development. We invite artists and media professionals from various creative disciplines to explore the many different ways through which stories can be told. They can do so by taking part in Sublab. By the end of Sublab, each project should have a pitch deck ready to step to potential buyers and/or investors and be ready to go into production.

We work with writers journalists directors animators designers game developers creative technologists artists To develop

transmedia digital cross medi  cutting-edge creative innovative storytelling productions



Our digital world has made the creation of audio-visual storytelling more accessible than ever before. We share, we post, and are always connected. Yet, how our traditional media industries (e.g., film and television) currently operate can make it difficult to experiment and explore.

We believe that digital storytelling has the potential to transcend this repetitive framework in unique and exciting ways. By facilitating unusual connections between artists and media professionals, we are open to exploring the all-encompassing potential different media and new technology have to offer.

At Sublab, we want to offer the expertise Submarine Channel has gathered over the years to inspire, train, and stimulate collaborations between filmmakers, journalists, animators, game developers, and others worldwide.

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