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Do you have an innovative media plan, but need support in development? Sublab is always looking for new stories and creators. Interested? Come and pitch your idea!


Each year, (at least) three projects with true transmedia potential are selected to participate in Sublab. These projects are recruited by the Sublab-team or an appointed scout. Anyone with an interesting proposal is also allowed to apply directly by filling out the form on the application page. Once selected, Sublab’s project lead and one of its creative producers sit down with the creative team to discuss the upcoming development process. Here they establish clear development goals, speak to potential collaborators, create a budget, and propose the final deliverables. As we’ll be working with different media, the outputs of the deliverables are personalized for each project. For example, a team could work on a script and a podcast, while the other team could work on a pitch bible and a gameplay design. It all depends on the direction you want to take your project into. Along the way, Sublab will support the creators in finding suitable production and distribution opportunities. However, Sublab won’t facilitate the production or distribution of the project itself.


  • You are a storyteller with a passion for innovation and you have compelling ideas for new media concepts. 
  • You (or another prominent member of your creative team) must have prior experience working on media productions and possess a solid network in the media industry. 
  • Your story must have transmedia potential for either a fiction, documentary, and/or animation production. 
  • You must be able to develop your project within a budget range of €15,000 to €40,000.
  • We advise all teams to think about how their projects comply with the industry’s standards regard to diversity & inclusion.  
  • Stories with an international focus are considered a plus.


  1. Create a two-pager in which you elaborate on:
    1. Your story concept; 
    2. Its transmedia potential;
    3. Personal motivation and experience.
  2. Apply by filling out the application form.
  3. If your application has been selected, you will be asked to prepare a pitch of your project to present to one of the Creative Producer’s and Sublab’s project lead. 
  4. After this pitch, the Sublab team will let you know if you are eligible to continue for the development track.


*Applications will only be reviewed internally and won’t be shared with any third parties.

Content Creation [$%^&* $^%$}"^%#] Social Media [$%&@) &*$#*^#] Engaging SMM [%#{}")&*(&^%#%*] Game Streamers [$%^&* $^%}"I&^%#]

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