As a big city kid who wants to shut herself away, Ziki is more surprised than anyone to discover that it’s on a tiny Caribbean island where she learns to be happy with who she is, and embrace her brilliantly unique self. 

Toko Loko was the first project to be developed in SUBLAB. Starting already in 2021, Lia and her creative team started working on research, storytelling, and design. This resulted in a pitchbible and storybible that is now being taken to broadcasters and other funds to become an animated tv-series for children.

Alongside the development of this animated series, filmmaker Robert-Jonathan Koeyers was approached to build on the story of Toko Loko, by creating a documentary treatment. Together with the Documentary team at Submarine, he created a pithdeck for a documentary with thematic content adjacent to the storyworld of Toko Loko. This project is called Bru(h)a.


Lia Booi (Creator)
Kareen Getten (Writer)
Milan Smidt (Environment Artist)
Saviero Wielkens (Character Designer)
Phil Molloy (Creative Producer)

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